Twisted Smoke Band

Dan Elwood aka
Dan E. Čalogović

Dan E. Čalogović, better known as Dan Elwood, was born in Zagreb, Croatia. He is a Croatian blues musician notable for his soulful vocals and mesmerizing skills on the harmonica. Renowned for his unparalleled expressiveness, Dan is hailed as one of the most captivating harmonica players in both Switzerland and Croatia. In addition to his mastery of the harmonica, he is also a talented guitarist.
Dan Elwood playing the blues harp
Dan Elwood sitting on a chair staightening his tie
In 2007, while living in Zürich, Switzerland, Dan Elwood channeled his deep love for the blues into the creation of the Twisted Smoke Band, a blues ensemble dedicated to the rich heritage of this genre. The band’s formation marked a milestone in Dan’s musical journey, allowing him to share his profound connection to the old-school blues style with fellow musicians and fans alike. With each performance, Dan’s sheer passion for the blues shines through, taking listeners on an unforgettable musical journey that transcends boundaries.
Dan Elwood’s dedication to his craft has earned him accolades as a versatile and talented musician. Whether he’s singing or pouring his heart into the harmonica, his music resonates with a raw, authentic emotion that leaves a lasting impact. Dan continues to inspire audiences, infusing every note he plays with the essence of the blues and preserving this timeless art form for generations to come. He lives and performs regularly in both Switzerland and Croatia.
Dan Elwood leaning against a wall


Dan Elwood takes his inspiration from various blues, rhythm’n’blues, soul and other fantastic artists that shaped their genre.

The Blues

Ray Charles

Eric Clapton

B.B. King

Booker T. and
the M.G.’s

Johnnie Johnson

Little Walter

Downchild Blues Band

Elvis Presley

Many more...

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